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Bravilor SPRSO Espresso Coffee

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Bravilor Bonamat's SPRSOTM Series is a self-serve, whole bean, single cup Espresso brewer.
If you are looking for the simplicity of a consumer machine and the performance of a professional coffeemaker,Sprso is what you’ll need. The Sprso is small, powerful and stylish. This eye-catching bean-to-cup machine serves perfect single cups of ristretto, espresso, crema coffee and americano. A milk cooler option offers you the additional facility to create delicious cappuccinos and lattes topped off with freshly frothed milk. The Sprso is perfectly suited for board rooms, waiting rooms and small offices. The coffee-maker is even right at home on the kitchen counter thanks to its compact size.


  • Makes a perfect espresso from freshly ground beans;
  • Offers many coffee specialties; and even more with the optional milk cooler;
  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Coffee strength, intensity, grind size and cup size can be adjusted according to your wishes;
  • Extremely low energy consumption in standby;
  • Smart counters — warn you when the waste bin is full or descaling is necessary, and show you the daily/cumulative use;
  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • The Sprso can be unpacked, plugged in and ready for use in only 10 minutes.;
  • Unique rotational brewer that’s easy to remove and clean;

Bravilor Bonamat has programmed the beverages with great care (based on decades of experience) so customers can simply enjoy delicious coffees. We created three main beverage profiles to choose from. The profiles vary in volume size and coffee strengths. In addition employees can create three ‘design your own’ coffees meeting their individual preference.


Width 215 mm
Depth 440 mm
Height 420 mm
Power 1978 W
Tension 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Machine typeVending machine
Canister contents BEAN/300gra - WATER/2.2 liters
Color Stainless Silver and Black
Beverages ristretto, double ristretto, espresso, double espresso, crema coffee, double crema coffee, americano and hot water. W/Milk - caffè latte, cappuccino, cappuccino dark, latte macchiato, espresso macchiato, hot milk foam
Water network connection Yes


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